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Pitralon 160 ml

Pitralon 160 ml After Shave is the original eau the toilette created in 1927. Besides alcohol, this tingling fresh after shave also includes camphor and an antiseptic agent. This original Pitralon variant looks after the skin and hygiene. Even today, the after shave has a large following and is mainly found in specialist shops.


Pitralon 160 ml

geurpyramide_classicFragrance pyramid

Head: the fragrance notes released when applied to the skin and initial impressions of the fragrance.

Banana, ylang ylang, geranium, rose, lilac, eucalyptus and Norway spruce.

Heart: the fragrance notes which create the identity of the fragrance and make it recognisable.

Ylang ylang, lemongrass, rose, lilac, lily of the valley, aniseed and conifer.

Basis: the fragrance notes which support all the other fragrance ingredients and which remain longest on the skin.

Ylang ylang and vanilla.


Pitralon 160 ml

A no nonsense after shave with a traditional quality, very popular among men who like a hygienic skincare regime. Has a highly energising effect and leaves the skin tingling fresh and feeling clean.

Pitralon 160 ml:

Germany Manufactum,
Switserland Coop, Otto’s, Denner, Spar, Voigt, Amedis, Galexis, Müller
Austria Biber Umweltprodukte
The Netherlands