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About Pitralon

About Pitralon

Pitralon is a brand with a long history and tradition. Over the years, the brand has proved its worth and continues to appeal to new generations who are attracted by authenticity. Under the motto ‘real values don’t lie’, Pitralon still finds its way to men who are not swayed by the flavour of the month, but want pure, no nonsense products.

The first Pitralon product was developed in Dresden in 1927 by Karl August Linger. This was the time when personal hygiene was becoming more important. The original product was an eau de toilette with a strong antiseptic agent effect. The product derived this effect from alcohol – still an important component of after shaves – and camphor. The latter ensured a powerful fragrance sensation.

The 7 original claims of Pitralon:

  • Helps eliminate spots and other impurities
  • Disinfects the skin
  • Makes the skin elastic and smooth
  • Prevents a greasy sheen
  • Opens blocked pores
  • Improves the blood flow
  • Works deep into the skin

The 1970s arrived and more suppliers of after shave appeared on the market. The emphasis was more on the perfume than on the effect of the products. The Pitralon eau de toilette lost some of its prominence and was mainly found in the professional circuit (hairdressers, specialist shops).

After the Second World War up until the 1990s, Pitralon was manufactured according to the original recipe in two separate factories in both parts of Germany. Production currently takes place in Switzerland and this original, first version of Pitralon in the 160 ml bottle is still available.

Meanwhile, in the 1960s Pitralon Classic was introduced. In contrast to what its name suggests, in terms of recipe and fragrance notes Pitralon Classic After Shave was not related to the original eau de toilette. Pitralon Classic, with the spicy signature of cedar wood, became a real classic with a robust image. The famous German footballer Paul Breitner even became an ambassador for the brand by lending his face to the advertising campaign.

Besides Pitralon 160 ml, there are now three types of Pitralon after shave: Pitralon Classic, Pitralon Pure (in Austria this is called Pitralon Original) and Pitralon Polar. Characteristic for all Pitralon fragrances is the cedar wood (oil) component.

Cedar wood, most prominent in Pitralon Classic, smells of dry wood and pencil shavings. It reminds us distantly of leather and camphor (!), giving the after shaves a dry, warm, sensual tone.