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Before shaving

Before shaving

Both with the dry (electric) shave and the wet shave, you can prevent cuts and scratches by cleansing the skin well beforehand. This removes dead skin cells which can block the pores.

With a wet shave, it’s important to allow the shaving foam to absorb into the skin for around sixty seconds to soften the hairs.

With a dry shave, the skin and the hairs must be very dry. The hairs must be raised in order to get a close shave. For this reason, you use a pre shave product.

A pre shave (Pitralon Classic Pre Shave, Pitrell Pre Shave) prepares the skin for the electric shave. The alcohol in the pre shave raises the hairs, making it easier to get a more even, close shave. The pre shave also contains softening ingredients which smooth the skin and help the razor glide more easily over the skin. Pitralon Classic Pre Shave, Pitrell Pre Shave also have an antiseptic effect.

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