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Electric (dry) shaving

Electric (dry) shaving

With electric shaving, the hairs are cut less short. Unfortunately, this means that the hairs become visible again sooner. The advantage is that the electric razor is more comfortable on the skin and thus reduces the risk of irritation.

Step 1. Preparing.
For an electric shave, the skin must be dry because the hairs need to be coarse and hard.

It is important to cleanse the skin beforehand. This prevents minor infections and removes dead skin cells which can block the pores. Before you start shaving, the hairs must be dry and raised. Use a pre shave (Pitralon Classic Pre Shave or Pitrell Pre Shave) for this.

Step 2. Shaving.
Gently move the razor over the skin, in the direction of the hair growth as far as possible. Don’t press down too hard on the skin; the razor must glide over the skin. Too much pressure only damages the razor head.

Step 3. After care.
Afterwards, treat the skin with a Pitralon after shave to restore the hair to its original pre-shave condition. Pat on the after shave. Besides fragrance, an after shave contains around 60% alcohol and therefore has an antiseptic effect.

Shaving facts and tips

The average man has around 15,000 hairs on his face, produces an average of 150 metres of beard hair and spends an average 150 days [..]



Today, our three dimensional, super sharp blades and state-of-the art razors enable us to get a perfectly smooth shave. [..]


The wet shave

More men shave wet than dry: a wet shave is gentler. You work closer to the skin and use warm water to soften the skin. [..]