The wet shave

The average man has around 15,000 hairs on his face, produces an average of 150 metres of beard hair and spends an average 150 days of his life shaving.


Step 1. Preparing.
Clean the face and beard (hairs) before shaving to soften the hairs. The best moment to shave is therefore after a shower.

You can also soften the hairs by holding a hot wet towel to the face.

Apply the shaving product (for example a cream) against the direction of hair growth. This will help retain heat and water in order to soften each hair. Leave the shaving product on the skin to be absorbed: 60 seconds is perfect.


Step 2. Shaving. 
For a wet shave, always use a good sharp blade to prevent wounds and scratches. The best result is obtained by first holding the blade under a hot tap.
Always shave in the direction of hair growth. On the chin and upper lip, the hairs are extra coarse. Save these for last, so that they can benefit longer from the softening effect of the shaving cream.

If the beard is very thick, go over it again but this time against the direction of growth. This deep shaving can prevent having to repeat the process in the evening. Take care, because the skin can easily be damaged resulting in ingrowing hairs.

Tip: you can disinfect a razor that has been used before with a drop of after shave.

Step 3. After care. 
Once you have shaved off all the hairs, rinse your face with cold water.

Then pat the skin with a clean dry towel. In order to prevent irritation, we advise against rubbing your face dry with a dry towel.

After this, treat the skin with a Hâttric after shave to restore the hair to its original pre-shave condition. Pat on the after shave. Besides fragrance, an after shave contains around 60% alcohol and therefore has an antiseptic effect.